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About Lovraj Kumar Memorial Trust

The Lovraj Kumar Memorial Trust was started at the initiative of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers in the memory of illustrious Shri Lovraj Kumar on his sad demise in 1994.


Past Chairmen of the Trust :-


  1. Shri Dharma Vira, ICS    -    Former Governor of West Bengal, Karnataka & Haryana

  2. Shri P.K. Dave, IAS        -    Former Lt. General of Delhi

  3. Dr. Abid Hussain, IAS     -    Former Indian Ambassador to USA amongst several other positions held

  4. Dr. Vijay L. Kelkar          -    Former Finance Secretary, Govt. of India


Present Chairman of the Trust :-

Shri B. K. Chaturvedi, IAS    -    Former Cabinet Secretary, Government of India 

The Trustees have been professional men of distinction.


The Trust has been actively engaged in promotion of education and technical manpower up gradation through lectures, seminars, workshops and discussions.


The primary objectives of the Trust are to promote technological, educational and scientific activities in various fields as well as in areas of topical interest.


The annual lecture is delivered by men of high eminence and repute and is attended by top dignitaries from Govt. senior corporate executives, public figures and young professionals.


We believe that the activities of the Trust benefit the Society.


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