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Process Automation Industry – Optimizing Process On Real Time

Speaker: Mr. Kishen Manjunath & Mr. Jaideep Bhattacharya

Organisation: Honeywell

Unleashing Power of Digitization in Chemical Plant Operations – Predictive Maintenance and Energy Management

Speaker: Ms. Khushbu Chaplot Chaudhary

Organisation: Emerson

Industry 4.0, Digitalizing the Process plant – a life cycle approach

Speaker: Mr. Sachin Kulkarni

Organisation: Siemens

Predictive Analytics - How it affects Plant Architecture

Speaker: Mr. Vinod Oommen Ninan & Mr. Ravindra Gurav

Organisation: Rolta India

Transforming Business Decision Making with Unified Supply Chain Management

Speaker: Ms. Shani Mulholland & Mr. Satyendra Dubey

Organisation: Schneider-Electric

Augmented Intelligence - Towards Plant Operational Excellence

Speaker: Mr. Harsh Kumar

Organisation: IBM

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