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Indian Oil Corp Ltd

Challenges in sourcing, transportation and processing of heavy crudes

Engineers India Ltd

Transportation of heavy residues

Schneider Electric

Processing Heavy and extra heavy Oils

Cairn India

Operation and maintenance chanllenges in handling / storage / transportation of heavy crudes


Delayed coking for maximum crude flexibility

Indian Oil Corp Ltd

Experience with Operation of Delayed Coking unit

Bharat Oman Refinery Ltd

Experience with operation of the delayed coking unit and approach followed for revamping the same

Amec Foster Wheeler

Delayed Coking Technology

Indian Institute of Petroleum - Dehra Dun

Solvent Deasphalting Technology Development & Performance


ROSE: an economic option to improve Refinery margins

Air Liquide

Gasification of heavy residues -the Lurgi MPG Technology

Axens India

Status of Residue upgrading technologies

Honeywell UOP

Bottom of barrel Upgrading – RFCC synergy with Hydro treating

Indian Oil Corp Ltd

Feedback on Performance of RFCC Unit

Indian Oil Corp Ltd

Feedback on performance of FCC Unit

Mr. Raju Chopra / Ms. Panariti Nicoletta

HaldorTopsoe and ENI (joint presentation)

Eni Slurry Technology (EST) in combination with Topsoe Upgrader Technology offers an innovative and reliable solution to convert bottom of the barrels to high value distillates

Honeywell UOP

Slurry Hydrocracking Technology for Upgrading Vacuum Residue

Indian Institute of Petroleum - Dehra Dun

Slurry phase residue hydrocracking: Comparison of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts

Shell Oil company

Recent advances in heavy Oil processing technology

Axens India

Choosing the right conversion scheme for heavy crude processing

Chevron Lummus Global

Advances in Residue Hydrocracking via LC Fining

Technip KT India

Flare Mitigation Strategies for Refinery

Engineers India Ltd

Flare Mitigation during Design-case studies

Engineers India Limited

Flare load mitigation through Dynamic simulation










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